At Skariphos, we provide a full suite of online community strategy and management services to associations and non-profits. From one-off projects to full-scale implementation, we can provide you with the resources you need when you need them.

Community Management
Some communities are more active than others, but each one, regardless of how or how often it’s visited by members, needs someone at the door to greet and guide them when they arrive. Providing kind, thoughtful service to community members is the core of what we do at Skariphos.

Community Strategy
Regardless of the community software you use, without aligning your community tactics with your organization’s strategic goals, it will be difficult to realize the full potential of your member network. We believe that a strong community has strong buy-in from not only members, but association staff. And the best way to create consensus around your community is to put it to work for your teams and their programs.

Community Projects
Have a small-scale community project you’ve been wanting to launch? Leverage the expertise of our strategists to build a program that more deeply involves and galvanizes your audience–making them not just members, but a community.

Marketing Automation
If you need a new marketing automation plan, or just need help revamping your existing email campaigns and copy, we can help you every step of the way.

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