Skariphos Services

Skariphos Consulting is a full-service online community consulting firm, providing strategic advice, member insights, and engagement roadmaps to non-profits, trade associations, and membership organizations. \\ Learn more about our services below and schedule a free initial consultation with our team.

Strategy & Analysis

We work with partners like ORI ( to provide in-depth analysis of your community content before we provide any recommendations. We make sure our decisions are backed by data and informed by your members’ online behavior and past engagement with your organization.

Platform Migrations

Our community managers have extensive experience migrating and launching new communities with a variety of organizations, audiences, and platforms. If you haven’t chosen a platform yet, now is the best time to contact an advisor to help with your community RFP and decision-making.

Virtual Events

Online communities are more than just discussion boards and shared files. Video capabilities are advancing quickly, and the best modern community platforms have video functionality built in. But even if you don’t have a cutting-edge community platform, we can still help you organize virtual events that fully incorporate your online community.

Marketing & Communications

Building an online community is one thing, getting people to use it is another beast entirely. Our team has years of experience developing marketing content, including copy, graphics, and websites to help you attract members to your online community.