Our clients are the reason we exist. That’s why we’re constantly working to provide you with the tools and information you need to feel like you’re in control of your online community. Not only does that mean giving you unique insight into your community, it also means giving you that same level of insight into your relationship with Skariphos Consulting.

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What Current and Former Clients Say

I have known Luke for years because our jobs and skill set largely overlap. In that time, I have learned so much from Luke by having him as a resource to bounce ideas off of for online community management and engagement in different formats…. He communicates effectively and is great at relating to all kinds of people, making him an outstanding community expert.

Catherine Hackney, Confident Communities Consulting

Luke is very hardworking and has a rare mix of big picture vision, attention to detail, and empathetic relationship building skill. He accomplished an incredible amount in our time working together—from managing the complicated technical aspects of standing up an online community to cultivating meaningful in-person and online engagement and everything in between. The relationships he helps foster are truly life-changing.

Meghan Modafferi, National Geographic Society

During my several years working side by side with Luke, I have come to respect him for his devotion to the profession and work to drive best practices and forward thinking—he is a natural leader…. His extensive knowledge of the profession and hunger for staying on top of best practices is a huge advantage to the profession as Luke tirelessly works to share that knowledge.

Lindsay Currie, Council on Undergraduate Research