Community managers unite! Handling conflict in online communities

Last week Catherine Hackney of Confident Communities Consulting, Arianna Rehak of, and I led the first “Community Managers Unite!” Crowdcast. I had a blast and hope you’ll watch the recording below. We heard from lots of association community managers about how they handle different kinds of conflict in their online communities. These ranged from interpersonal issues among members to legal conflicts related to antitrust rules, and members had lots of great advice for mitigating these conflicts.

As we heard during the chat, the kinds of conflict that community managers juggle on a day-to-day basis can vary widely and are often unique to their members or industry. What are some of the issues you’ve dealt with in your online community recently? What are some of the tools and techniques that have helped you overcome interpersonal hurdles? Thanks in advance for sharing your tips and links in the comments!

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Handling Conflict in Online Communities”
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